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Robin here. I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd join the fun. I'm from Prince George, BC, but have recently relocated to Edmonton :( .


I've been down to the Bow a few times for Browns-n-'Bows, but would like something a little closer to home. I prefer moving water to stillwater (not to mention that I don't have my pontoon or belly boats here) :angry: .


I read that you guys were catching Goldeye in the city somewhere; I would love to tag along one night. I've never caught a Goldeye before.


If I'm going to be in this city for a few years, I would like to get together with some ppl who share a common interest in all things fishy.


I've already met Bill Cattroll; he's a stand up guy (Bill, we met at the CAMA show in Edmonton. I'm Robin from TELUS.).


My tying is pretty good and I've got some great patterns. I'd like to get a Steelhead/Salmon/Spey fly swap going. That's where I'll be posting next.


I hope we meet soon.






PS - If you ever see a guy practicing his spey casting in the river by the Kinsmen, drop by and say hello. rmm.

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