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Tie Some Flies For A Great Cause!


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Hey Guys


I posted this over at AF3 but thought that for the people who don't at both boards may want to see this. I am hoping that perhaps you could put one of your free tie nights to this cause.

I need to appeal to you guys for a chance to contribute to a really great event being put on by some people I know at Project Healing Waters Canada and Wounded Warriors Canada.

On Aug 1-5th Wilderness North Lodge will host 14 injured serving members from Manitoba and Saskatchewan at their fantastic resort. The concept of the event is to offer participants a tribute to their service by means of a well thought out event that offers some of the best fishing in Canada as well as time to relax, reflect and enjoy the great outdoors.

I was approached at Superfly to help contribute some equipment to this event and have arranged to donate an 8wt rod, reel and line combo for all the participants in the event. This will give them the basic gear they need to catch good sized pike, walleye and lakers in these lakes.

What I would like US to do is to put our tying effort together and fill a boat box of pike flies for these guys to chuck while they enjoy the lodge.

Superfly will donate the boat box as well....all we have to do is fill it up!

Please think about this event and how easy it will be to donate a handful of pike flies. It can be as many or as few as you like and they dont have to be too fancy. Maybe you are a beginner tyer and yet tying heavy bucktails yet. No problem....tie some of the biggest wooly buggers that you can and please donate them. If you are an avid pike fly tyer then please...use this as an opportunity to show off and let it all hang out. Topwater patterns, baitfish streamers or swimming frogs....its all good. They didn't ask for any flies but I think this is something we can easily do to help out. How cool would it be to have tied a great fly that can help a veteran catch himself a great big pike! Please contribute if you can.

You can either mail them to me here at Superfly or drop them off during business hours of 8am -5pm. The address is

Joe Belohorec
c/o Superfly International Inc
Edmonton AB, Canada
T5G 2X9

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We have some time to put this together but the sooner the better. I will take pics of the filling of the boat box as it progresses. Please let me know if you plan to contribute.

Thanks for listening guys!



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