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Phil's Presentation


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Boys and Girls


Phil sure put on a terrific presentation last night. I don't fish lakes that often but when I do I like to have the fish catching percentages on my side and with the info I got from Phil last night I know I'll be able to do more catching.


Great presentation Phil



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Vince your sure right, if you didn't make it out you missed one heck of an info packed presentation. There was a lot to be gleaned for your stike indacator use on lakes. But you can for sure adopt a lot of that info to stream fishing also. He had a lot of information on leaders and leader setups that was very informative.

Phil also tied 4 of his favourite lake patterns and I learnt a couple of tying techneques that was invaluable specially putting legs on pheasent tails or any nymph pattern in general.


I got to go and spend some money tonight at the Hole. All Phils fault.


Great show Phil.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Yes of course , Phil scession's are very knowledgeable . I alway's learn something new for stillwater's .



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