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Tenkara Purchase


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I asked some questions about purchase of tenkara rods. I'm going to order one in the next week or so. At tenkarabum.com there would be a savings on postage for a group purchase. If anyone else is interested, we can let Chris know which orders can be shipped together.


Personally, I'm torn between the Nissin zerosum, Nissin prosquare or possibly an ONI rod. The ONI is not on tenkarabum though.


Let me know if you are interested.

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Mark suggested the type 2 rod as a starter rod even though the it is described as 5:5 instead of 6:4. This rating is quite subjective anyway. The type 1 is apparently 'lighter' and designed for advanced or expert tenkara anglers. The type 2 is designed for beginners. He said it would be easier for us to cast the type 2.

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I found this in an email from Oni:


Please keep in mind that Oni rod Type I is developed for experts. It is difficult for beginners to use. Also it is designed fro char fishing in Japan. Char fish are a maximum of 30 cm. Therefore please don't try catching large fish of 1m.

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