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Wed. nite 09/01 Sask River

Hank Peters

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The 'Firehole' is a small spot - though 4 or 5 guys can certainly get in and fish it.


Take 17th street to the Strathcona science park.

Go through the park gates, and hang a right toward the ski hill.

You can then either take a left (past the county maintenance building) down the hill, or park and walk down the path to the river (keep right on the way down.)


When you get to the bottom, head down the gravel path past the pumphouse, and wade straight out from the outflow - or head downstream. The whole section of pools, and backeddies are fairly productive goldeye water. There are the occasional pike and walleye as well - so if something with teeth reaches up and tries to take your 5wt - take the loss of a leader as a present. :)



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