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Post Or Pm?


Post or PM?  

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  1. 1. Should I post everything I know about fishing Rock Lake? Should only take a couple minutes. :)

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    • Rock Lake sucks! Don't bother.

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I, well we, were asked for some fishing tips on Rock Lake. The mandate of our club is to foster the sport. To me, the idea is the more I can help someone have a good time, the better the chances that we'll gain another ally for our natural resources. I've suffered the consequences before; arriving at a favourite spot to find it crowded. I still think it's the right thing to do. This forum could allow many people to benefit from our knowledge, but at the same time, I don't want to outrage any friends of mine. Thoughts?

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I replied to that query on the Rock Lake topic

Tyically, providing detailed or specific information on this forum has been frowned upon.

That's not to say we aren't open to sharing specific information, just that this forum is not the place for it.

There are a lot of people who read this forum and many of them we nieither know or are prepared to trust with hard won knowledge

We want to protect the the fishing experience for ourselves and othersThe last thing we want is a herd of folks decending on our favorite spot with detailed knowledge of how to deplete the resource.


We are prepared to share with those we know and trust and even strangers we think will behave properly, particularly beginners.

But we want that to be on a personal basis where not only the information but the proper angling ethic can be transmitted.



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This has always been a very conterversal statement and I to admit having some mixed emotion. Again it depends on the question. If I can give a general answer where most of the fishing populus already knows the info and the person is a newbie then post is not a problem. If the person wants more specific info then pm is the way to go.


So my vote is either or depending


Pretty wishy washy


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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I agree , with all . the person you give info to has to put the hook ( fly in front of the fishes snout to catch the fish). By telling a person of your experience does not mean they will do exactly what you have done to catch that fish. I have fished days where I can't do anything right and the fellow I'm fishing with is pulling them out left and right . So , telling some one of a good fishing spot does not mean, they are going to catch all of your fish. That being said if you tell one person and they tell one person and they tell one person , and so on, well one to one hundred fishers at your favourite spot , its done, good bye , come back next year , next century .

So, Muir is done , do not go there because there will be ten thousand guys out trying to catch 400 browns.

Got that,

there is winter kill at Muir.

Do not fish Muir, you will not catch fish there in 2014, it is dead.

Sorry, I did not tell you the truth, I am trying to miss lead you , you should not believe what I have written here.


Good luck and have some fun fishing any where in Alberta , this is not a prepayed announcement, I did not gain any money from trying to miss lead you.

But hey do fish Muir and other waters in Alberta especially south of Calgary and tell us how you did , I might be out in a few months or maybe next year.

Just have fun!

Thanks Dan

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Jocularity jocularity...;)


I would think Muir would be the exception to the general rule.

Muir's vision was to inspire and educate people towards conservation and fly fishing. This has also been the mantra of NLFT/TU for some time now.

The bucket brigade be damned as they have ruined some beautiful fisheries. To the others I say don't be afraid to ask questions here and through pm's to members. The honest and true folks will never be snubbed....

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