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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, in any case i was wondering if anyone has fished either Rock Lake (north of Hinton) or Glacier Lake (West of Saskatchewan Crossing) for Laker's, Rockies and would like to share info on patterns, presentations, techniques....etc


Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Paul! I actually just spoke to Randy at The Fishin' Hole, and I was going to email you tonight. I'm the fellow.


But this has made me wonder, where do the NLFT forum regulars stand on the free sharing of such information? As in, posting those details right here. I know a lot of people consider that taboo, but it seems to me like the right thing to do. I'd like to run a poll first, if you don't mind. Post or PM, I'll tell you everything I know long before the ice breaks up. :)

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This board is read by a wide variety of people and here we don't give away private information to such a broad audience.

We don't want our fishing spots to be innundated with people or give away hard earned information.That would be counterproductive in terms of preserving the fish, habitat and an enjoyable fishing experience


On the forum, we typically only provide limited information on fishing spots and trips such as:

1. General infromation on fishing spots such as a general assessment of how the fishing has been

2. General directions to a lake or major waterway, but not specific locations (ie no "secret" spots or access information)

3 General techniques that have been working such as dries, nymphs or wets, but not detailed rigging or time of day information

4. We don't provide specific pattern information for specific locations or time.


If we know you and can trust your discretion, we may contact you by pesonal message and share some information.

Another way would be to attend meetings and get to know the club members and perhaps go fishing with them.



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I once caught a walleye at Dickson dam with a wiggle nymph, I can't exactly tell you the spot . the river has changed too many times and the fish have moved on. So hey give it a try with a bunch of different flies like we do and have fun like we do. Sorry for being an -------, but fishing is fishing and depending on what time of year, water flows and so on. It does change and I am glad for it , because I have to fight for my fish.

Sorry Dan

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Sharing techniques, ideas and philosophies on the how to catch Lakers or any trout is a good thing. Not because you take that to Rock Lake, but you can take that to any lake with Lake trout in it in North America. It is this kind of information that helps all of us become better anglers. If you think that open general information on techniques and species behaviour leads to an encroachment on the water you fish. I think that is dead wrong. As for sharing information specifically to a body of water, I doubt is has any kind of a long term effect. Now if you have no self respect and you are using this forum as a source to find a hot spot where you can go and clean out a lake and get your fair share, then shame on you. I like many others on the site I will be looking for you on the water and will be taking pictures. I have no problem testifying that type of information about a thief to a judge. But if you go out and fish by legal means and you want to bring the whole family and extended family, go for it.

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I agree with you, Garhan, well put. But it seems we were outvoted. Lol, how's that SAFFL forum coming? ;)

SAFFL is doing very well Rick. Thanks for asking. Lots of dialogue and interest from many people. It tells me there is a real need for this type of gathering and that people want to learn as much as possible and are willing to share their ideas, techniques, flies, thoughts, knowledge and genuinely care about others. Especially when it comes to culturing the youth into this great sport and to mentor them to a competition level. Really quite nice. This whole thing has been a very positive experience for myself and many others. I am just glad that we now have a singular place to meet and talk openly without judgement from others. We are still two months away from our first comp and 13 people have shown interest. At this rate we will have a full house before the competition..

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