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2014 Fly Expo Calgay.


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This show was a raging success. I pretty much spent the whole weekend demo tying in tyers row. I met many fantastic people and learned a ton of stuff.

I was happy to see a few faces from NLFT there yet saddend at the same time that there where not more.

I was very happy to see all the people there that I met this past summer through volenteering at the various fishing events and from volenteering at the Nationals. I love how easily they all share for the betterment of others for the passion we all share for fly fishing and tying...


I entered a pattern into the tying contest and won first place for streamers and that's freakin awesome. I am waiting to officially hear who won the people's choice.... fingers crossed....;)

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Congrats on the tying comp win Jim, there were some awesome flies entered, so hats off! it was a great show.. lesson learned for future, leave the wife at home if you want to sit through presentations and or workshops! It was a great show, and after seeing the Hook and hackle guys there, I think we should seriously consider putting in a booth for the club, perhaps working with TU combine booths and reduce costs, and promote the grayling project, I know I would be willing to work a bit over the summer to create some media content for use at a show like this.

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There were quite a few kids tying their woolly Buggers on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday. I had a blast and the people from Hook and Hackle were a great help on Saturday. Left Calgary on Sunday Morning so I don't know how the Kids booth went that day.




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