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Big Thanks To Old Executive


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Just want to say a really big thanks to the old executive for the hard work they have done and to the accomplishments of the past year.

I also want welcome the new Executive and am looking forward to working with you for the following year.

I will leave someone else to list the new executive due to my lack of spelling skills and I don't want to butcher someones last name.


This going to be a great year.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S



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Thanks to Barry White for the professional way he ran the election, and guided us through the process. His descriptions of the positions were very helpful in clarifying their responsibilities and time commitment. Congratulations to the new executive and good luck in filling the missing posts.

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I think amongst the newley elected executive, plus the newer members who were bold enough to volunteer, we'll be able to muddle through.

I like the idea of sharing the programming role between Dave M and the new person (I didn't catch his name)

If Skyler can help Florin out with the library at meetings, we may be able find someone to do the dvd inventory, purchaisng etc.

I'll continue to do minutes at Exec meetings but due to choir commitments I can't do the monthly regular minutes.

I spoke to Skyler about maybe helping with that, so if that works, between us we may be able to solve the secretary thing.

Thanks to Jim for stepping up to fill in at least temporarily with external programs.He'll need lots of help with the upcoming Cabella's and Sportman's Show stuff.It would be nice if someone voluntered to help him with that.

Mostly with the logistics of getting volunteers scheduled, equipment transported, setp and clean up.

Rick has some ideas about the beginner fly fishing seminars that have meritin reducing the volunteer needs and maybe accomodating more students.

All we need is a couple of people who can partner a bit and help in the areas mentioned and we'll be good to go.

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Dave I actually had one of the newer member come up to me regarding the Secartary postion. He gave me his card but I left it at home but again it when he is able. So we may have that position somewhat covered.


As Dave said thank you for the younger member stepping up and getting their feet wet.

We will make sure Jim has lots of help for sure. After this weekend we have the tying nights with Cabela's which I will get a more firm dating on that.

Then the Big one the Sportsman Show.


Again thanks Guy for all the hard work. Looking forward to a great year.


Tight lines Always

Dennis S

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