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Great News For Muir


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After almost a year of negotiation we have a result - two in fact!
1. The senior biologist for the area has agreed to support the addition of 450 browns this spring. He found considerable support to do so from those interested in "quality" fishing though less support from those more interested in fish for the freezer. Given that browns are typically more difficult to catch than rainbows, especially I think in lakes, they have less stress from catch and release and so are likely to live longer. Therefore, we would reduce the number to 300 in the following two years to try to maintain the proportion of browns to rainbows at about 10 to 15%. After 3 years we would formally evaluate fish condition, size, numbers etc, and go from there. There is no need for any regulation change.
2. Parkland County's Community and Protective Services Department has obtained budget approval to underwrite the costs of electricity to run the aerators at Muir. Am I ever grateful - it's a great relief as our funds are like parts of Doc's anatomy when fishing in his tube - rapidly shrinking!
ACA will continue to install and maintain the aerators and 'Thin Ice' signage and periodically test O2 levels.
BTW the County wasn't able to get the power lines in at Chickakoo in time to aerate this fall but still plans to do so.

2014 for Muir has started off great! Hope it stays that way and perhaps we can find some money for a couple of concrete picnic tables. We're also planning to add a couple more regulations signs.


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