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Fly Expo Calgary


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Here is some general information. This competition is primarily setup to give local fly tiers the opportunity to be exposed to a large group of flyanglers in the Flyfusion demographics. It is a great opportunity to share your flies. I am amazed how many American, International and East Coast Canadians that have sent in their creations. Locally meaning Western Canada could do with a boost of entries.

This is also an opportunity as a club to give back to the community of flyfishing in return for, what you ask for, being "support".


FLY TYING COMPETITION www.flyfishingevents.comWe are proud to announce that the 2014 Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition will play host to the 2014 International Fly Tying Competition!

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We've been invited to participate in the Calgary Show by teh organizers.

They will be providing a couple of rooms, a 10'x10' booth and show admission to our volunteers.

This aould accomodate up to 6 volunteers.

In return we will provide 1 club member to help them out wtih various duties (in rotation) for the show duration.

The idea is we would man and set up club information and displays in the booth.

Those in the booth would perhaps tye flies and invite passers by to join as space and time is available.

If you are interested contact Rick LeBlanc

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Jim we will need at least 4 people each day. I believe it runs Thurs to Sunday 23 to 26


If anyone is interested(no maybes) PM me ASAP Need answer tomorrow but no later than Monday.

even if its for a day or a couple of days.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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I'm not lucky enough to be a member of the retirement club so can't do Thursday or Friday.


Once I confirm the times of my other commitments I'll let you guys know when I can be there...


It's awesome they have offered rooms and admission. Shows a great amount of respect for NLFT/TU. Hope to see a good bunch of us out there..

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