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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, glad that I found somewhere where I could broaden my very newbie skills fly tying.

I grew up fly fishing, mostly in the Kootenays, always thought by my father, uncles and such. I have found that although I can make my way thru casting in a good hole, I never learned the technical side of fly fishing.

Now in my early forties I am back tracking to the basics. Both of my sons are wanting to learn more as well and I find it's almost like the blind leading the blind.

So now I have set up a small bench in a dark and dingy basement room where I am researching and studying the art of not only fly fishing but tying as well.

My wifey set me up with what I think is a great vise this Xmas and I have been stocking up on materials.

My goal is to better my knowledge on both the sport and the tying and I am thinking I will need more help than just what the internet has to offer.

I am thinking of joining a group where others with oodles of experience would have the patience with my questions and newbie skills.

Would I be in the right place?

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.



( I hope I posted this in somewhat the right area!)

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You came to the right place...if you are in the Edmonton area, the club meets every Wednesday (Queen Mary Park) for tying, discussion or whatever else...there is definitely the knowledge at the club in both the teaching of fly tying and casting techniques. I myself have not been to too many meetings lately, just been way too busy these days, time to slow down...kids(family) are welcome to the club as well...

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I am Edmonton, we live in the Glenora area so not at at all.

What does a guy do to start out? Bring his own vise and tools materials etc?

Punch in some cash for a membership and/or supplies?

I am new to this forum type of setting and obviously new to joining a group like this.

I have a commercial snow removal business on the side and things have been quite busy this year. The forecast looks a little thick this week with snow, but I will attend if Mother Nature lets me!

Thanks for the quick response.

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certainlybring your own tolls. We are running an ongoing tying class based on Charlie Cravens beginners fly tying. Jan 8th is the first meeting of the new year.bring your sons too. We have loaner tools for them to use while at the meetings. Come check us out. Be sure to introduce yourself.

I know the weather has made it tough for my son too. He doe snow removal as well.


Dave M aka Woolly


ps bring a coffee cup


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Welcome aboard.

You've definitely come to the right place to learn fly tying and anything else related to fly fishing.

We pride ourselves on being a teaching club.


As Woolly said, we have a structured beginners' fly tying course, based on Charlie Craven's book

For those participating we can loan the book and provide the basic materials for the patterns.

We also provide experienced members to help with instruction.

You can proceed at your own pace as time and meeting attendance permits.


We have two other offerings for you.


We have a two day fly fishing seminar coming up on January 18th & 19th at Grant McEwan downtown campus

The seminar features Toda Oishi and April Vokey, two well known fly fishers

And will cover a lot of territory on the what, where and how of fly fishing.

For two full days at $65 it's a steal of a deal. Tickets can be bought at club meetings.


In spring (usually late April or early May) we also after an Introduction to Fly Fishing course

We cover the very basics such as what fly fishing is, why do it, equipment and setup, how to find and catch fish and casting.

More info on that will come later in January or February.


So come on out to a meeting on any Wednesday night and meet the crew

If you like what you see, join up and start the fly tying course.

By joining, you are actually becoming a member of Trout Unlimited as we are the Edmonton Chapter.

This brings member benefits such as a subscription to Fly Fusion magazine and discounts a several retailers


Hope to see you soon.

Dave R

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Graig yes this is the right spot to be at. As Paul says we have many very knowledgeable members that for sure can help you and family out. As Dave R. states we like to pride ourselves as a teaching club. Please don't let the name fool you we are not just fly tyers we are a well rounded club in both Fly Tying & Fly Fishing knowledge. We have ventured also into the conservation side of things by becoming a chapter of Trout Unlimited. The Northern Lights have an on going Grayling Project in the Pembina River Drainage going into the 3rd year.

We have implament an on going beginners Tying program and are trying to have 2 nights a month devoted to promoting that program. We do have spair kits and hope to have enough materials to tie all the patterns in the Charle Craven Book. We would hope that in the near future that one would both join the club & purchase their own equipment & materials.

We do have several fishing trips through out the year but do to Liability purposes it's not classed as a club sponsored outing just a bunch of fly fishers & families just getting together.

Like most clubs we do rely on lots of volunteer help from the members. We do several different functions throught out the year. As Dave mention we have our Jan seminar then in March we have the Sportsman show then we are asked by several of the local stores to help them at their stores. We may go into these locations to promote an upcoming event. We also put on a fly tying seminar and a fly casting clinic which also needs volunteers. Lastly we have one of the best libraries going on FlyFishing & Tying open to the members.


Graig sorry for rambling on this but sometimes one just can not help pumping up all the guys that have made this club what it is today. Hope to see you and your family out.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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