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Diseased Pike North Sask River


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Heh heh... I mentioned this fishing story in the past about a big nasty Pike I caught under the Capilano (StankHole) Bridge many years ago when I first moved up from Calgary. Well, today I found the pics to prove the tale.


These were taken by Roy Boy.. whom has never fished the North Saskatchewan since. Indeed, the thing started to bleed when I pulled it out of the river... the baseball sized cancerous growths on it should tell you why it's not safe to eat the fish in the river. :P


PS - I caught this sucker when I saw a Goldeye rise sideways. Now at the time I thought it was odd that Goldeye rise sideways. Nope, I clued in that it was a big Pike slamming a Goldeye. So I tossed in a Wolly Bugger and wham.. guess he took that for desert.

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