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Just a reminder... Club Fishing Nite at Beaumont


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Just a reminder -


Club fishing for tonight is at Beaumont Pond.


Went last night to do a little reconnaisance. Looks better than it has been for some time. Tagged a nice 16 (couple pounds for sure) on a tiny dry (14 BWO)


Hope to see a few of you there tonight!




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Will get there around 6:45/7:00


Only bringin the feet - no boats tonight. Need to get my Fishfinder mounted before using it again. (Piranha Max15) - And yes - the little fishfinder is sold.


I'll bring your goodies RB - and my new Rod/Line to try out.


Cheers all - see ya there.




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OMG. That pond sucks.


That was the slowest fishing I've ever SEEN.


I am starting to question the health of that pond. With the hatch last night - one would have assumed there would be 'some' fish around - but we saw less than 10 rises all night.


Is this a case of too much fertilizer/crud from the treated water - over fishing - or just summer doldrums?

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That pond is famous for that I've gone night where you would think they should be going crazy and nothing not even a dimple on the water. Its just those summer duldrums. Cheer up Falls coming Backswimmer time is close.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.


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