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Southern Alberta Fly Fishing League - Event #1 Of 7


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Date: Saturday April 26, 2014
Location: Fish Creek Park Boat Launch-Bow River


Competition Water: Venue (sectors/beats) to be announced via email to the registered participants.

Registration opens today. Please contact Gary Hanke, Justin Hardy or Jim Trewin via Facebook
Registration for this competition is limited to 24 competitors (General Membership and Youth Team Members combined), and is based on a first-come/first-serve basis. 3 spots for this competition are automatically reserved for the members of the Admin group and Youth Team competitors, in the event that this competition fills up before they're able to register. The 3 spots that are reserved for the Youth Team Members are also being dealt with on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Once the registration is full (and each of these competitions promises to be sold-out events), additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list and moved onto the list of participants in the event that there are any cancellations. The first 3 competitors on the waiting list will automatically qualify for a spot in the next competition if there were no cancellations. If one or more of the competitors on the waiting list are unable to attend the next competition, their spot(s) will automatically be given to the next person(s) on the waiting list.

Members of the Youth Team will be placed on a seperate waiting list. The first 3 Youth Team members on this waiting list will automatically qualify for one of the 3 spots that have been reserved for Youth Team Members at the next competition. In the event that any of the Youth Team Members on the waiting list are unable to attend the next competition, their spot(s) will automatically be given to the next Youth Team Member(s) on the waiting list.

This registration process should help to guarantee that everyone has the opportunity to attend at least 3 of these competitions, as the waiting list will ensure that 24 competitors (24 registered competitors and 6 on the 2 separate waiting lists) will be able to secure a spot when registration opens for each competition. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that they take the time and effort to register as soon as registration opens for each competition...

Additional Details:
1. One River Venue with 12 beats.
2. There are two sessions, which are 3 hours in length.
3. Maximum of 24 competitors.
4. Beats will be divided in half with 2 competitors assigned to each half of the beat (2 competitors in each of the 12 beats).
5. One competitor fishes at a time in each half of the beat, while the other competitor serves as their controller (time keeper, measuring fish, and recording eligible fish).
6. Competitor and controller switch roles at 30 minute intervals for the duration of the session.
7. Competitors rotate half beats after one hour and switch the order in which they fish and control.
8. Competitors rotate partners within their group after each session.
9. Competitor rotation assures that everyone will fish with a different partner during each session.
10. Eligible fish species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Rocky Mountain White Fish, all other species are ineligible.
11. Fish must be handled with extreme care and measured in the water and quickly released
12. The Organizer will provide the measuring devices
13. Competitors are responsible for providing their own food and drinks outside of our lunch at the end of the event.
14. FIPS-Mouche Rules apply to this competition (single barbless hooks, no strike indicators or splitshot).

Fish point system:
• Under 25cm = 1 fish point
• Over 25cm = 2 fish points
* This point system will ensure that all fish are quickly measured and released, with absolutely no need to handle them or remove them from the water.

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Current List of Competitors for Comp #1 of SAFFL Competitions1. Justin Hardy2. Jim Trewin3. Kyle Snarr4. Rick LeBlanc5. Dustin Pico6. Gary Hanke7. Rob Viala8. List1. Waiting List!.

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