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Muir Stocking 2014


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Dennis S. drew to my attention the fact that I forgot to post this request on the NLFT/TU forum so am now doing so. Many of you may have read it already on the Alberta Fly Fishing Forum but if not, would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks


"FESA needs your input before making a recommendation on stocking numbers for Muir next Spring.
Initial results from the survey conducted through Stephen Spencer, Woodlands area biologist, show 70% support for the addition of a few brown trout to Muir to provide a more diversified angling opportunity. We had initially recommended 250 as a starting point for this experiment but may up that number to 300.
5700 Rainbows have typically been stocked each year. Last year the number was reduced to 3000 because of many reports from anglers catching too high a percentage of rainbows in the 12 to 14” range and concerns about insufficient groceries available for the number of trout in the lake. Following discussion with Craig Copeland, Manager of ESRD’s fish hatcheries, Muir will be stocked with a new strain of rainbows in 2014. These will be a Kamloops strain of AF3Ns (all female triploid trout) which have been found to live longer and grow faster, at least in BC. Because of problems at the hatcheries this year (Calgary flood, equipment breakdown, lack of funds etc.), they will be slightly smaller, around 15/16 cm. In fact fish stocked in most lakes will reportedly be a little smaller in 2014 because of these problems.
The number to be stocked will be determined about February. The 'right' number for Muir is a guessing game as survival rates vary from year to year. Other factors to consider are mortality from angling, two families of loons on the lake, 2 families of osprey, at least 2 herons, up to 13 pelicans in June through August, and both legal and illegal harvest. A couple of anglers reported a small summer kill at Muir this year though others saw no evidence of it. There was certainly a population explosion of minnows.
There is no evaluation of Muir by the local ESRD biologists as trout ponds are low on their priority list. As anglers we have the best insight into what will help maintain Muir as a quality fishery and so any thoughts, suggestions, insights etc. re. the stocking number would be gratefully received.
In other news we are planning to add 2 more signs showing the fishing regulations specific to Muir (Doc's making too much money from Report a Poacher!), and possibly, depending on funding, 2 additions to the Walk of Fame and maybe a couple of picnic tables. Doc's planning to organize a clean-up around the lake for the spring.
We hope to have a commitment by the beginning of January for funding the aeration through 2014 and beyond.
Meanwhile, please take any opportunity you can to swing by the lake and check that both aerators are working. If they're not, please phone Troy at 780-410-1999 Ext. 1971

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Peter thank you for the the great info on this. Unfortunately I can not give a lot of feed back regarding Muir do to limited fishing. That being said I really like the idea of Browns being put in. 300 would be great but 500 would even be better. Just the thought of the chance of catching a brown without driving 2 or 3 hr would be fantastic. I think like an inviroment like Muir the Browns would have a good chance to become big hogs.


Peter thank you for your hard work in convincing SRD to put in the Browns.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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