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Nlft Silent Auction Nov. 9

Michael Dell

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Thanks to everyone who organized and donated to the dinner and silent auction that was held last night. I had a good time, and thought the meal was excellent. There were lots of interesting auction items.


Kudos to Jim O'Neil and Rick Leblanc for donating their prizes back to the club. I know I would not have been so generous, if I had won.



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I agree Michael, good turnout and a fantastic meal. Thanks to everyone who donated items as well as those that played the games and bid on the auction items.


Jim really did donate back his fall of the 50/50 prize. Thanks so much for your support.


We tried to get Rick to succumb to the pressure and follow suit, I apologize if I caused confusion with me dry sense of humour. No pressure Rick-I would have kept it too.

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This years auction was a first class affair and I thank all of those who put in the time and effort to make it the success it was. The facility is perfect for this type of affair and the meal was beyond my expectation and the servers were awesome.


Congrats to Junior on winning the rod in the Fish Pull and my very special thanks to Jim O'Neil for donating back to the club his portion of the 50/50 prize money which I believe was somewhere in the area of $240.00....way to go Jim...we appreciate your generosity.


A great time was had....thank you.



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Yes it was a great evening I too wish to express my thanks to all that helped to make it such a success. All the volunteers along with all the donators and of course the caters for such a great meal. Then to all that attended a big thanks for your generousity.


Can not wait until next year.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Yeah, I was pretty sure you were joking, Ken. For my part, I figure all the fish pull tickets I've bought over the years might be close to double the retail value of this rod, plus all the raffle tickets, donations to auctions, and my time. I promise you, when I'm catching fish on my new Winston next year, it'll be guilt free. I won't even feel bad when the boys give me a hard time about putting a cheapo reel on it.

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