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I tried Phillis Lake with little luck. Caught a few small Perch. (Illegally introduced!) Campsite only has about 7 sites. :angry: The locals seem to like it there. It's always risky to think you may get a site especially in the summer. Burnstick Lake campsite is not bad. The locals again seem to favor it so weekend camping is risky. :curse: That's how I ended up at Mitchell Lake with Dapperdan. I didn't fish Burnstick Lake but I did fish Beaver Lake (About 2 miles from Burnstick lake.) Day Use Only. Beaver Lake is maintained through the winter with airators by the local fish and game. It's a great lake for belly boating. Lots of structure around the lake with a large deep hole in the middle. I caught quite a few that were in the 19" range (Footballs like Miur.) and I never saw a small trout rise. I don't think it was stocked this Spring. There is good shore fishing right near the boat launch and to the left. The Clearwater River is right there but I didn't try it because I figured it has been too heavilly fished by now. It was great to run into a fellow member! :fishing:

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so you went to phillis lake !

you said you got som perch there well thats funny cuzz i wazz there for 3 days this week ad i got nothing but a wack of rainbows it was great ! what where you using

i was using a 12# adams and a 14# prince

and it was great there are some monsters in there this is the only small lake i have ever seen 6 to 7 pound bows as for the perch is there is there is not many


? maby you ment that you were at swan lake i dont no!

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I treid it a couple of hours and then gave up. I used various flies but no interest. I have fished Phillis in the past and it has been good. As a matter of fact the largest Rainbow I've ever caught was out of that lake. I didn't have a weigh scale but I asked two locals who had seen other big guys caught from the lake and they both figured it was at least 12 lbs! I do have the pictures to prove it too. Any way it's great to hear someone had good luck. (Skill) Your going to have to learn me how you do it! See ya soon. :cheers:

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