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Why Sharing Is Important.


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If you want to learn or teach and improve your own skills, then read on.


This is a report from another competitor that just fished at the World's and what he noticed about sharing European style.

IMO this is sound both in tactics and in attitudes towards other anglers.



By: Jeremiah Hamilton



European and World Competitors fish there beats in medium to larger rivers they fish from top to bottom, its not only helps to stay in contact with there flies better but also it covers the same spot very well and very fast with every step they are still covering the same spot over and over again because the overlap, another advantage is grayling will lineup in your wake, I caught two bonus fish in the comp I was just dangling my flies at my knees. They feel there is less of a chance of this happening by fishing bottom to top, because you push the fish up stream but by fishing down you are just a moving rock and blocking current in front of them so they move in behind you. I even seen a big grayling sit behind a guy from Norway, he told me in Norway they some times carry a small two foot rod on there back to fish the grayling that sit behind them, but its hard to land when it is pushing +50cm. Also what we are doing with our fast comps we have in canada is what they are doing over there, they are training them selves to fish fast and look for active fish. It is night and day from the US comps, we where told at the beginning of the comp to share everything, help out the next guy, I got onto my second beat and my controller showed me his flies and showed me where he and the other guy caught fish and how, they are crazy open. There philosophy is learn and teach first and the best anglers will come out on top but they want everyone on the same level. I also learned how to fish eur chub, that one thing got me a second in my first session. That is just a taste of what I learned a lot more to come.

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Now you've got me confused, Gary. I'd be interested to read more, because everything I've seen and read so far supports primarily upstream fishing. This includes Czech, Polish, Spanish and French style nymphing, and was confirmed for me at the Nationals.

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So true, of North American style approaches. Always approach from downstream. The thinking and water type the Europeans are looking at are fairly turbulent water with broken a surface, and moving slowly downstream seems to work for them in some cases. Just another approach to specific water ctypes. I can see this working very well in knee to mid thigh deep pocket water.

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