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Sept 7/8 Pit Tagging


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Anyone interested in PIT tagging this weekend? We are awaiting final confirmation of availability of trained resources, but it looks like we might be proceeding with some electro fishing. We need a few volunteers to man the nets, measure fish, monitor tanks etc. Let me know if you are available Friday or Saturday. If we have too many volunteers, we can also do some fishing in the area.



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We had a great experience electro-fishing on Dismal Creek yesterday. Five volunteers came out and we sampled two sites on upper Dismal Creek and one on Rat Creek. In all, we captured 75 fish, made up of 8 different species! Lots of the fish were minnows, and there were less grayling than we were hoping for. Upper Dismal did have some young of the year and some yearlings - indications that some spawning is occurring up there. Thanks to Jim, Jack, Paul, Michael and Ken.


This is what we found:

Mountain Whitefish
Long Nosed Sucker
Trout Perch
Long Nosed Dace
Lake Chub
Arctic Grayling
Spoonhead Sculpin


This is Jack setting up the backpack and identifying some minnows:



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Thanks for the update :clapping: , I'm sorry I couldn't make it :motz: . Looks like you all had fun and what a great experience, Dam .......

Will we be doing any this coming weekend, I really hope so :clapping: , its not coming soon enough, I feel like a kid waiting to go to the candy store ( man ,,,I'm dating myself....)

I like Jims fish imitation :ninja: !!!!!!

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It was an interesting and rewarding day for sure. Every time one of us goes out we gain further insight into the biology and movements of these beautiful critters. As Ken indicated, we confirmed that grayling spawn at this site or upstream. We need to do some more sampling up here, including angling. Thanks Dan for acknowledging my longnose sucker imitation. It has taken me more than 25 years to perfect it. You should see my spoonhead sculpin imitation. That is scary!


Great photo of the spoonhead sculpin Paul! You can see the cheek spines, or horns, which provide protection. These guys can live up to 6 years and they were the inspiration for the famous Muddler Minnow.

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