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Amazing Hatch Experience


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Sitting in my backyard last night. West End Edmonton and holy cow what an experience I enjoyed but freaked my wife out alot as too many bugs she said. Went from nothing to seeing 20 of these flying around. 5 min hundreds 5 min later thousands everywhere in the neighborhood. Freaked the wife so bad she wanted to go inside. I was in complete amazement as I have never experienced anything like it especially in the city. As I get more into the flyfishing I find myself not swatting at the bugs but intrigued as to what they are doing and why. So as I was watching these land in the grass.....too my amazement comes a little one out the back end ready to take flight. 20 mins later all was clear and wife was happy and I was grinning being able to see nature at its best in my own back yard. Going to try and post a couple pictures and hopefully it works. My knowledge of emptomology sucks so bad that I am not even going to try. I will let you experts take care of that.




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Hatch happening right here at The moment in Sherwood. My kids are amazed ... Got some great samples.

Very cool experience. It is an ant fall. The evenings air is busy with flight as the setting sun glistens off delicate wings. Beautiful sight to be seen.

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