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...once again I am involved in the ACTSS (Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society of Alberta) by donating flies (trout and pike) and attending this event for this wonderful organization. As an added flavor, I have decided to build (model) some crank-baits from wood. So far they have turned out okay...still lots of work to do with balancing, painting and adding weights for the lure to float properly...will post pictures soon...

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Paul , what a amazing job on the fly's & for such a great cause .

This look's good on us as a membership and your dedication

to fly tying . " Great Job Paul " .



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Thanks guys...these were fun to tie as usual...I was selfish as well. I tied up some for me too... :bigsmile: heeheeheeheehee :bigsmile: ...the event was fantastic and I think everyone who attended had a fabulous time...lots of monies were raised for this great charity...the flies sold for a good value, not as much as the value listed, but still a good value, every little bit helps and goes a long way...


Already looking forward to next year, just maybe I might start tying up some flies earlier than I usually do.

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