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Dismal Creek Sections


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I keep seeing DC10, and DC2 all over posts. I know they are referring to sections of Dismal creek. But is there a map of these sections or an easy rule of thumb? By the way I'm new here. Alan Ritchie is my name. Live half way between Lodgepole and Drayton Valley and always looking to go fishing.


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, the weather is not looking good this weekend so we have changed plans. We will post for the next trip. The DC numbers refer to streatchs of the river DC1 being closest to mouth, DC17 being closest to the headwaters and its very skinny up there . I believe DC 14 is by the Spa.Keep checking here for up dates . Thanks for your interest , it always great to have someone from the area involved.

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Contact Ken Monk, and he may be able to help you out with a map. He will be away this next week so hang tight and if things work out we may be out in 2 weeks. Maybe you can hook up with someone , Hey thats like fishen, heheheheeeeee!!!!!

sorry chat soon Dan

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Hiya Alan

Nice to have you aboard.


The maps you are refering to are the property of NLFT and I believe are not available to the general public. They have been compiled for club member use for a study we have undertaken to determine the overall health of the stream and its fish population.

As Dan said if you contact Ken through the site here he can get all your info so you are on the list. Once you are confirmed on the list then you can hook up with a member to work these sites.



As a side note to this we are always happy to accept new members that are interested in conservation. For more info on this you can contact our prez Rick or the vice prez Dennis. Their contact information is in the news letter or through this site.


Thx Jim

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