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As you may or may not have seen - the site has gone through a redesign, and has a new feature.


The Member profile section is now available. If you are interested in adding yours - please send me mail at the address in the profile - including your information for each question/area, fly patterns, a picture of yourself etc.


Mr Southwick - you're first....




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Scratch looks great no need for the Mr Southwick Keep up the great work I will do a profile today sometime. Picture thats a hard one not many of those and you know my computer compencie isn't all that great.


Grayling season coming up we will have to get out soon.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S


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Actually - the new layout and design were done by HepCat - with SEO (Search engine optimization) techniques to start pulling us up the list on google. :)


Kudo's to him. While some are uncomfortable with the dark brown on the main page - it's a solid design and readable by everyone - including the color blind. :)





Just an update - things are still moving along with the site! Keep your ideas coming!




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Hey Scratch


Just want to say what a great job you guys did on the re-design. Looks real fine.


Where is the or how do I get to the Member Profile area. I must be getting on in years and all the marbles not working - I know its there I just can't see it. Thanks and keep up the good work on the site.



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