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Me And Mike Went Fishing

Don Andersen

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Was up to Pepper Lake Wednesday of last week for the day. A friend and I landed <>40 for the 6 hours fished so..


I called Mike Wednesday evening - "wanta go & fish till Sunday?' And he did. We arrived @ the lake in the late afternoon and setup. Off to the pond where we caught fish - lots of them.




And then it got worse... a lot worse. From the 40/day on Wednesday, it dropped to 10 or less by Saturday. The size wasn't there either. On Wednesday, we caught brooks to 19". By Sunday we were content to get 8"ers.


Occasionally a better one showed up.




And then we had visitors. Not a lot of them but they were there on Wednesday as well. Pepper Creek is just over the hill. That's where they likely came from.




Maybe that is the reason that trolling Stimulators works!!



regards all,




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Don thank you for the post, Great pictures and some nice looking fish.

I have always liked Peppers L. But it's one of those lake where it's either on or there really off. I caught a Damsel hatch out there one year and all you had to do was wave a 52 Buick over the water and you caught a fish. Then I've been out there when a stick of dynamite would work.


Pretty Lake and lots of other options in the area.


I was to Eagle L one year and the Stone flies were just about raining down on the water and the Cutts were going crazy over a yellow stimmie


Glad you guys had a great time.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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