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July 13 Trip Report


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Mike and I headed out on Saturday. We were planning to go with Charlotte and Scott, but they had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency.


The weather was fine and we had clear skies most of the day. The high temperature was up about 16 degrees. There was a light sprinkle as we were packing up at the end of the day, but we ran into heavy rain on the way home just west of the city. Water levels at Pembina/ below Paddy Creek were all the way down to 15 cubic meters per second, compared to the peak in late July where it was over 200 cubic m/s.


We started just fishing about 10:30, water was 15 degrees and rose to 19 by 4:30. Smaller fish started to tap on Mike's nymph right away. There were rises, so we switched to dry flies and caught all but one with dry files.


We caught 43 grayling between us, ranging in size from 10cm to 34cm. Roughly 25% were 25cm or bigger, and about 50% were 15cm and smaller.










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Yes, it was a lovely day. Thanks to Ken for taking me there. It was not typical of the grayling surveys that we have been doing because in my past experiences I have fished hard all day and caught only one grayling. If all of our trips were like this, then we wouldn't be doing these surveys. Ironically, I feel I have to go back and find out where the fishing isn't good.

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...glad you guys had a successful day...with the fish being caught in those size range, that's a good sign, is it not. A couple of age classes. Here's hoping that the catching will be great for the next outings...because the fishing is always good. Thanks for the report, water looks great and the weather was on your side.

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That is very cool! Based on a quick look at the age-length data from previous years I believe that you captured four (possibly five age classes of fish). The group from 11 cm to 17 cm are likely age-one fish (yearlings) that were spawned in May 2012. The group from 18 cm to 25 cm are age- 2 fish, the fish from 27 cm to 29 cm are age-3 fish, and the 30 cm to 34 cm are age-4 (possibly age-5) fish. The 100 cm fish may be fast growing young-of-they year (spawned this year). This a crude assessment and we will verify the age-growth characteristics once we age the fish. FYI, grayling can live to age-7 so there is potential for fish to exceed 35 cm in this system, which it was known for in the past.

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