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Kids Can Catch In Ft Saskatchewan


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Hello all

We are still needing a few more volenteers for this one. It is this Saturday June 8th and am waiting on directions and a start time.

If I don't get the info in time it is at what they call the north pond. I believe you follow the same directions as if you are going to the boat launch and you drive right past it.


We are going to be doing demonstration tying only so we are asking that you bring your tools and materials and tie some of those flies you've been wanting to get done. As well once it slows down inside I believe we can join the kids in trying to catch some fishes in the pond. We could demonstrate casting and answer some questions as well.

Thx Jim

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Ok. I talked to a nice lady names Cindy and got the info. It runs from 10-4.



Kids Can Catch Event locations

Fort Saskatchewan

in conjunction with River Days

Date: June 8, 2013

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: City of Fort Saskatchewan, Fort Lions Community Fish Pond (1855 River Valley Drive, near the boat launch)

Ages: 3-16

Register Here!

Equipment and instruction/mentorship are provided at no cost. You are welcome to bring your own equipment. Lessons include basic safety and technique.



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The fly tying was a bomb as no one came inside and those that did couldn't wait to get back outside to fish..go figure...;)

The afternoon outdoor part was good Caught a few fish and answered a lot of questions.

The event as a whole went off well for them and think Nlft should attend again next year but skip the tying portion..


A huge thank you to Ken and Gord for coming out to support the ACA and their event:..???? I know they appreciate it...

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