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2013 Survey Info


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On Wednesday June 12, we will be holding the kickoff meeting for the 2013 edition of the Grayling Survey.

7:00 pm
Queen Mary Park Community Hall - 10844 – 117th Street, Edmonton AB
Note: this is the same evening / location as the NLFT year-end BBQ.

Many of you have participated in past sessions so this will be a quick refresher and assignment of angling sites. For those that are new to this, we'll be going over the instructions and maps.
We'll also have a short update on the fish trap and what we found (or didn't find as the case may be).

We are hoping to get as many people as possible out for angling on June 22. Dan has posted a thread on our forum regarding camping details. A number of us will be camping for the duration of the weekend, but if you can drive out for the day, that would be great too. Please post a reply on that thread if you would like to join the camping group.

Other volunteer opportunities this summer: (please advise if you can help)

  • Angling Survey (June 22)
  • Angling Survey (other dates - variable)
  • Installation of HOBO temperature probes (aiming for June 8 or 15 - depends on water levels)
  • Installation of signs at access points - this might work best on June 22 weekend if we don't finish them with the HOBO install
  • Stream crossing assessments - can be done throughout the summer

If you can't make it out on June 12, but would still like to volunteer for any of these items, please let me know.


P.S. A couple of fields kits were not returned last season, please let me know if you still have one, and bring it to the regular club meeting on June 5 or the final meeting on June 12.

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