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Yearly Dose Of Humility


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I got my yearly dose of Humility yesterday. Keith was in from BC and we decided to give the Stauffer a go. Our maybe it's the other way around. We decided to have the Stauffer give us a go. Keith showed me a new spot which was a bit of a slug to get into. It was a great spot just dam hard work to get there. The old Pooper was pooped by the time we got there & back to the vehicle.

As I say this is usually my yearly trip of Humiliation. Stauffer just has that about it.


It was a beaufiful day to be out and there we'rent a whole lot of people. We saw only one person the time we were there.

I sure wish I could say the action was no stop. Will it was non stop non stop nothing. The whole time there we saw only 1 rise and that was near the end of our day. We did see some caddis and there we're tons of the little balck stoneflies. Big Midges and the odd yes Mosquitoes & big.


Saw lots of promising waters and I will most likey go back when the insect life is a little more prolifec and hopefully the why in is a bit drier. I did more wet land training yesterday than I care to mention.


Becareful of the Barb wire just as Keith. He Ripped up his hand pretty good on it yesterday. Only good thing about it was we were on the way out. Also be sure all gates are closed after you go through.


It was work but enjoyed the day. As much as we Umbridge about the difficulty of this little Jem we do love the challenge of this Creek.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S

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keep this piece of sh-- , quite , not talked about , but maybe , talked about, or maybe not , ok secret , piece of alberta , alberta yes alberta , alberta privit. sorry just listen to da Hoochi Koochi blues on CKUA :clapping:

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