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The Time Has Come


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What we have been yearning and longing for is finally here. Salmo Trutta and distant cousin Oncorhynchus Mykiss wants to see the prize. Show them your fine English feathers bound by pure silk upon a partridge hook. Too bad my funbuster has the smell of summer so here comes the pruning, sprucing and flower planting... :motz:



Heres wishing all a great Season filled with fine catches, and memories to last a lifetime.




Those of us who will not in any circumstances cast except over rising fish are sometimes called ultra purists and those who occasionally will try to tempt a fish in position but not actually rising are termed purists... and I would urge every dry fly fisher to follow the example of these purists and ultra purists.


--------- Frederic M. Halford




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I have been told by a worthy source that Salmoninae are a bit like many of us and don't have a very high IQ so I fool them once in a while with just about anything on the end of the flyline. I have found that sometimes even Oncorhynchus Mykiss will lower themselves to go for that "English feathers bound by pure silk upon a partridge hook......"


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