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Tu Dinner


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Well I volunteered for this event for the first time this year. It was an interesting dynamic to do so when you are a member as well. The amount and quality of the items was exceptional.


They started the evening off by recognizing NLFT for its recent award and the continuing hard work of the NLFT members that also make up the TU Edmonton chapter. The second speaker echoed the fist for cudoes to NLFT before moving on to the rest of his speech ( sorry I don't remember their names but I'm sure someone will fill in the blanks). So again congratulations to all those that came before and those that continue to carry the torch. Many many jobs well done and many more done with excellence.


The food was unbelievably yummy and the desert was delish. Not sure of the exact details but for what ever the reason all the volunteers where served a meal as well. Bravo and Thank you.


Another thank you to the volenteers I had the pleasure to work with on this one. NLFT/TU and its members again unfailingly put in top notch effort and quality work above and beyond.



One last thank you goes to the young lady that pulled my winning ticket for the Winston 5pce 4 wt rod. Definitely made my day.


See you on the water soon. I'll be the one with the big grin....;)

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That's a great sign of progress, years back the volunteers to this gig were served sandwiches etc which we though were cool beacuse we got to eat with the models hired for the auction (flyfishing or tying wasn't the subject of conversation). Great to see the volunteers were well recognised and well rewarded for their time.


A 5 piece Winston... or as its know "The Joan Wulff Special" Jim you are now better outfitted for that little creek north of David Thompson, the brookies are calling us once more.



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I'm thinking the meal was more due to a SNAFU on their part than to just feed the volenteers but it was tasty none the less.


I hear them calling as well. Hopefully we will see them soon...;)

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