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Howdy Guys


Well, I took my son out Edson way again yesterday and we thought we would do a repeat of a few weeks ago. We started on the Sundance - fished it for about 3 hours and had a great time. Caught about 7 Athabasca's. All caught on an Irresistible and red Humpy both in a size 16.


We then moved down and fished the Embarras but in a different section of the river. Also had a great time on this pretty little river. I got 3 small Athabasca's ( 7 to 9 inches) on a size 16 Humpy and my son got a couple - same size but he got his with a CFF size 16.


All in all we had a super day and to top it all off while on the Sundance I had a bit of spill - in fact it was quite a dunking. Who would have thought a guy could get that wet in such a small stream. Thank goodness I pack extra cloths.


Hey Dennis - yes, I did meet up with Keith last week. Sure was nice of him to meet me and show me around. The river, as you now know, was high, fast and dirty so my son and I did not get a chance to fish. Plan to get back there before the year is out. Looks like some nice water. Again, my thanks to Keith ( the Boulder Man ) for meeting me.


Take care all



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