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2013 Grayling Project


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Hello anglers (and members of Northern Lights Fly Tyers/Trout Unlimited Edmonton).
You have probably heard that our group (NLFT/TU Edmonton) recently received funding ($15,000) from the Alberta Conservation Association to support our 2013 Arctic Grayling project work. Our efforts in 2011 and 2012 have been successful in updating baseline data on grayling distribution and status, and current water temperatures in major tributaries to the upper Pembina River.

In recognition of your efforts, NLFT/TU was recently notified by the federal Minister of Fisheries & Oceans that the group will receive a National Recreational Fisheries Awards (2013) for their conservation efforts. We have an exciting program on the books for the spring, summer and fall of 2013. We know you are busy folks but we hope that you will have time to volunteer and help out. As was the case last year we will cover your fuel expenses during trips to and from the project area. Below you will get a brief glimpse of the type and schedule of activities that we will be involved in. The first phase of the study is rapidly approaching and has the greatest urgency in terms of volunteer support.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fish Trap

Temperature Probe Installation


Stream Crossing Assessment:

Conservation Signage

Underwater Surveillance

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering for one or more of these activities and we will add you to the circulation list. Although these are volunteer activities we can supply gas money or provide transportation to the site (with some scheduling restrictions).

The most urgent need for volunteers at this time is for the fish trapping operation on Dismal Creek, so please respond as soon as possible!!

Thank you!
Arctic Grayling Committee (nlft.grayling@gmail.com)
Jim O'Neil -Jim_ONeil@golder.com
Ken Monk - kenmonk@gmail.com
Northern Lights Fly Tyers / Trout Unlimited Edmonton
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Is it possible for you to disclose the approximate dates for the fish trap portion and what is believed the activities to be involved..

This would help with schedule checks and matching of ability to duty..


You can count me in where ever I can make it fit.


Thx Ken

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Ken good to see things are starting to move on this front.


I would be interested in the fish trap thing unless your looking for younger body's for this and of course the fishing side of this for sure.


Let me know when you want me


Tight Line Always

Dennis S

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Installation, removal, and monitoring of a fish trap in Dismal Creek at the Wolf Lake Road crossing. Grayling will be migrating to spawning areas upstream. We will count, measure and PIT-tag adult fish and track their movements using a base station grayling during the spring spawning migration; could start as early as the last few days of April but more likely early May; 10 day period; opportunities for day trips, or camping onsite. Below, you will see link to doodle.com a scheduling tool that we would like to use for fish trap volunteers. Please indicate your availability on the scheduling tool, or contact Jim directly (Jim_ONeil@golder.com, by cell: 780-913-6567 or landline: 780-962-4893).

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Sure! We can always use more help with the angling part of the survey. We also have a stream crossing survey that we'd like to complete this year. We can email out a copy of the data sheet and instructions or pass you one of the field kits that has the instructions, maps and tools.Let me know when you are available and if you need a fishing buddy. Ken

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