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Reminder Need New Fishing License


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.............................before going fishing again you will need to renew your fishing license.


Tight lines always

Dennis S

No I don't. In fact I'm hitting the Crow today without a license. Geezers rule. Terry

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Hard to get used to not having the annual expense.

Only need to pick up a set of regs.

One good reason for licensing all anglers even if geezers and junior get a break on cost.

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Come on now....how hard can it be to not have the annual expense. If you want you can pick up my license cost that way you can still have an annual expense and while you're at it you can also pick up my BC license cost.



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I wasn't complaining about getting a free license.

I was complaining about the fact Alberta doesn't license all its anglers, seniors included.

How the heck can you track angling pressure and effects on the fishery if you don't license all anglers.

How can you ensure all anglers have the current regs if they don't have to get a license.

Ditto for kids under 16.


I've said before that that license system needs an overhaul in that area.

All anglers should be licensed and provided a copy of the regs when they pick it up.

I expect that licensing costs would need to be offset by a fee,

For seniors is would simply be the Win card and issuing cost, which is very low.


I've also suggested that if kids want to keep fish, then they should be required to have a license.

And then catch limits woud apply to each licensed angler.


And perhaps we should consider a different fee for those who keep fishKinda like the salmon sticker in BC

Those that deplete the resource should pay more for it's upkeep

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