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Getting Ready For Stauffer


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Roy anyone up at 3:30 am would for sure ice fish. :cold: ::ice fish:: My thought is if you can cast into it, it's not ice fishing.


what you tying this weekend. I was working on partridge & orange on wed night I might continue on. I will have to do a bit of work on my Ray Bergman flies also.


Stop in to one flyfishing department Sat to find some funky blue floss & a deep claret


tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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No ice fishing against... the code, Walton would be turning in his grave, if we didn't give the fish a rest. :cold:


Nose to the grindstone.. finishing a few patterns from Edmonds & Lee. I had completed orange & partridge, but they look a bit darker than translated, so have to make my own wax for pearsall's silk.


As you know Sylvester Nemes is rally know for his midge pattern syl's midge. I have started tying from his instructions from his book Soft Hackle Fly Imitations.post-276-0-37824000-1363203629_thumb.jpgpost-276-0-56735700-1363203647_thumb.jpg

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Well - again I love seeing the patterns favoured for this amazing little creek. As we all know - 80% of success on that stream comes back to preparation, and 20% seems to be the responsibility of the creek itself.


Yesterday, I was prepared - but she was an unruly little darlin' of a creek. Not quite ready yet folks...


Photo taken looking upstream from BFW bridge.


Posted Image



And this - of the 3rd.


Posted Image


Seeing the water level at the 3rd bridge meant seeking out this:


Posted Image



and a familiar face landing this:


Posted Image





Hang in there kids - the season is coming!

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