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Hasse Lake


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As a Eutrophic Lake it would never develop as a quality Walleye Lake. I cant even begin to see why they would stock it with walleye. That would just be blundering more taxpayers dollars and would be a huge waste of time and effort.

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Checked the planting list and yes it was stocked with 20000 walleye. Such a waste. That would been better to put them into Pinehurst, Whitefish or even Touchwood again, Marie, Wolf or any other good Late Mesotrophic Lake that is currently considered collapsed.

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This is the first lake I started fishing when I moved to Edmonton in 2000. I wish I had taken water samples or had done some systematic observations. Over this time, three things stood out: a prolonged drought that drove the water levels down significantly, a marked deterioration of water quality (increase in nutrient levels as evidenced by the suspended algae), and the island changed from a few geese nesting to a big bird colony as the size of the island increased when the water went down. I do not know how these three changes are related and what had caused them, the drought may have been the driving force. My guess is that the water quality is too low for trout. I have no idea if it can sustain other fish, such as walleye or pike. My opinion on this one is that discussing fish species before we address water quality issues is fruitless. Think of the fish as fruits on a tree, where the tree is the habitat. No habitat, no fish. You cannot grow oranges on a plastic Chrismas tree.

Bottom line: is there something that we (NLFT/TU) can do to improve habitat in local (eutrophic) lakes? I suggest we find some experts on this and invite them for a presentation/discussion to learn some hard facts.


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