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Flies and Beer Followup

Tys Flies

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Id like to thank the guys at tonights Flies and Beer, for making me feel quite welcome. I thought it might be awkward with me being way younger then eveyone else. I had a good time and encourage more people to come out. Hearing all the fishtales and general BS got me ancy to get back out on the water. Hoping to maybe hook up with some of you guys in the future for an outing. I also got to meet the infamous Ranger Bob. Hey thanks for all the razor blades not quite sure what Im going to do with them yet and the club sandwich pattern, glad i could help. Oh, and if you need more sewing needles let me know. For all those that were there I didnt get a chance to introduce myself so my name is Tyler and I kind of have popped in out of the club the last couple years when my schedule is open. Hope to see some of you at wednesdays tying session. One question, is there going to be a post when the club location moves?


Thanx Again,


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Hey Tyler, I'm Mike. I never got to talk with you last night but I'm the owner of the club, the guy that said hi to you when you walked in the door while I was trying to find Monday Night Football. Glad you made it out and good to see you had a good time. Just a reminder there is no tying session this Wed as the guys are meeting at the N.S. river to go fly-fishing for Goldeye. As far as the new location, check this post here...

new location for the club

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Depending on work monday, id love to come. Ive only fished the NSK once and dont have clue as to what gear I need to fish. Line, leader, flies, floats, weights, that sort of thing? Anything you guys can suggest, maybe even for tom. nights event if i can make it? If you do decided to go monday, ill make a post once i get my work schedule.



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Nothing special by way of equipment. :fishing:

Waders of course so you don't catch more trees than fish. ;)

5 wt rod or so.

Floating line.

Flies? Stimulator, chernobyl ant, elk hair caddis.

Sinkers? purple, black and olive wooley bubbers.

Insect repellant for the real bugs. :flex:


If you need directions: :unsure:

17th street. East of the river North of the refineries.

You can access it off baseline road or highway 16 just east of the Beverly bridge.

Look for the Strathcona Science Park or Strathcona Ski Hill sign.

Park near the closed up ski chalet and find the path that leads down past the pumphouse.

You should come out near the pedestrian bridge that goes to Rundle park.

Good luck. :clap:

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