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Nlft Swap Meet


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I always wanted the club to have one of these.. thought it was this week but looks like next week... hoping i can make it.... off to the Hot Rod shop and swap in Vegas this weekend.

Let's empty the closets of stuff you may never use in the future... go through those boxes that you haven't open in a few years.

After reading Dave's post let's not just limit it to fly tying materials, but everything fly-fishing or if you are not a purest... bring along the course fishing stuff as well.


Here are some ideas:-


Fly tying materials ... any thing fly tying, from furs feathers threads beads tools to finishing cement. Even flies

books, videos, photo's.. fly Fishing art.

Rods and Reels.. lines

Clothing, boots, packs,

Belly boats.. drift boat....


Just a few ideas... stop being a hoarder :bigsmile:


Looking forward to our first great event



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That iz the idea of a swap meet.

We are an eclectic group of people with a wide variety of interests beyond fly tying and fishing (gasp). If its for sale bring to the meet. If its to big bring a picture. The fella sitting beside you each week might be looking for that very item....

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Don't forget to bring lots of cash as well.. there may be a few items someone wants to sell. Yes Dan I already have a box filled and a few Rods, i will be bringing with me..

For the old timers, this reminds me of the auctions we had at the Edmonton Trout Club. Its a great way to pass on good new/used stuff to the new members.

It will be a fun time for all.



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Jim great idea on this one. It went pretty good last night. Roy clean up that for sure.


I pick up a nice Starling cape for a couple spools of Glitter thread. The cape had some exceptionally longer hackle.


Hope more people come out for the next one.


Tight lines Always

Dennis S

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