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Spring Come Early...?


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Not particularly. Sometimes those birds overwinter. I know there was one baldie that we used to see midwinter on the Red Deer and last year we had a merelin winter in our neighbourhood. I think it depends on the avilablilty of food.and possibly water. The eagle on the Red Deer has open water for fishing and geese to hunt. The city merlins can prey on small birds and rodents. i wish they would take on the pigeons and magpies that frequent our feeder. We've been visited in Duggan by a wide range of birds this winter. Aside from the usual house sparrows, magies, crows, pigeons, bluejays and chickadees, we've had a pretty steady appearance of nut hatches, house finches, redpols and junkos. We've even had a downy woodpecker and a yellow shafted licker come by lately. Keeping a filled seed feeder, suet feeder and heated birdbath really attracts those over-wintering birds. It also significantly helps their winter survival rate

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It must be a good sign as on the way home from Leslieville on Sat. saw 2 bald Eagles flying together and then farther down the road saw a single Eagle. It's sure not every day you can say you saw 3 bald Eagles in the same day.

Our Eagle population must be getting better which is a great sign.

The pair was closer to Leslieville and the single was not to far out of Rimby.


Tight lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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