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Linking Fly Images Of Our Original Patterns Into A Search Engine On The Web.


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I think this might work. If you click the link it should take you to where I originally posted this fly image. This is what can be used in Google Image search and bring it back to this forum as well. But I believe this is an admin thing that needs to be setup. The first time after I posted this fly on another forum and did a image search for Doc Spratley it took me to the forum. I was just stupified and amazed.,


We should consider looking at something like this here. It may very well bring on more and new forum members.


Lets see.

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Our site is configured so that you have to sign in to see many of the forum topics. These are 'private fourms'. One example is Trading Post.

Visitors can see the public forums without signing in. One example is the Welcome forum in General Chatter.


The search engines can already see the public pages on our forums.

You can ask to see the images on our site by going to google, click on images, then search for this "site:nlft.org: without the quotes.


We can change permissions to our forums, but google and all others will be able to see them, analyze them and possibly take action.

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