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Silk Fly Lines

Don Andersen

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Vince and I were BSing @ the seminar and the subject of silk fly lines came up. Below is a link to one silk line retailer. There are others, Mr. Zhu among them. The guy from the link below sells good product.

The lines are expensive but will last <> 1000 fishing trips with proper care. During the same time you will wear out 5>7 plastic lines that will cost more.

The upsides to silk are:

* costs less in long run

* casts further

* flies quieter

* more delicate presentation


The downsides are:

* you have to dry them each day

* initial cost is higher.








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It was fun BSing with you at the seminar and thanks for the info and link to the quality silk fly line company. While it is of interest I have to side with Michael on this one....250 bone is about 200 bone too much. In fact and my buddies will back me on this one....250 bucks represents about 19% (for the sake of simplicity lets call it 20%) of a new Andersen built 7'9" 5 weight bamboo and frankly, I'd rather have the bamboo. That's my storey and I'm sticking to it.



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To answer your question simply, a cane rod with any line is near on the finest thing you will enjoy - evening exercises exempt.


The real trouble with silk is the number of rods we all own. You have to fish one rod a lot to justify the cost. In my case, I've got line weights from 2>8 in floaters + a large selection of this and that. Maybe 20 lines!


Catch ya'




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Organic rods, organic lines....

Maybe I do not fish enough, but my lines have been lasting a long long time with minimal or no maintenance.

I was looking at ice augers last night. The Devil rears its ugly head at this time of the year. Testing my resolve.

One of these days I should try silk on the cane, but I need to slow down more.

I am getting there (almost) for fishing the cane, but the silk line is another step in slowing down.

I guess I should learn to nap on the bank first.

Instead ordered some #2 silk beading cord to try on wet flies and serendipities.

Time to sit at the vise I guess and stop rambling.


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