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What Did You Learn At The Seminar?


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Knowing that even with all their knowledge, Chan and Hafele have slow days, so I plan to change flies, move, go smaller, be more observant on/near the water, etc. Can't wait for spring. Dan, I thought your key takeaway from the seminar was the TOM TOM!


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I don't even know where to start I learned so much! Thanks to Brian and Rick, along with everyone that helped make the Seminar a success!


A couple of key things: SLOW DOWN and OBSERVE. I get tunnel vision if I'm alone on the water at times and both Rick and Brian really hammered home the need to slow things down as well as pay attention to my surroundings; not just because they're beautiful, but because particular observations can give me clues that will help my fishing.


Last night I also thought about how grateful I am to everyone that has taken this beginner out fishing. Over and over again this weekend I heard and saw things that the people I've been out with have talked about. Was a pretty good feeling to know I'm in such good hands out there! HUGE thanks to all of you :) I know it's not easy having to teach and fish at the same time!

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