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Congrates To Rick

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Congratulations to the new President Rick and many Thanks to the outgoing President Ken.

We had a great year , fun fishin for grayling and doing the tye alongs this year. Should be another great year fishing for grayling and the up and coming meetings. A big thanks to all that work to keep the club together and all the BS sessions we have , you know. Its great to see the Founding club members that come out to the meetings and tease us with their stories and give us big dreams of big fish :trout_punch:

Thanks again.



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I too want to thank Ken for his great work while Pres. I want to give Rick a big hand in his win for Pres and look forward to working with him. I also give a Big hand for Jim (SnoWolf) for stepping up and doing programs (don't worry Jim we will give you a hand)


I just want to say it was a great and very enjoyable working with last executive, we accomplished lots. I'm looking forward to next year as I think it could be a very interesting year for the club


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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You and I will soon become buddies. Well, maybe not since I'll be bugging you each month.

Your job, now that you've accepted it, is to get me the program information by the weekend prior to the end of the month.

In general, I like to put the newsletter to bed and have it posted by the last wednesday of the previous month,

I need about 3 calendar days to do so and if I have the weekend to do it, so much the better.

Just sayin'


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I can't thank you enough, everyone. I especially want to call out Ken, Dennis, and Barry. I've served on the executive during their tenures as President; on the one hand they've given me great examples to follow, on the other hand I've got some big shoes to fill. Thanks to them, and of course the other execs and members, we have some exciting initiatives and ideas underway, and I feel like if I only manage to see those through I'll have been successful.


It's not a responsibility I take lightly. I feel privileged to be a part of this club.

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A real hearty thank you to the old exective and a grand hello and warm welcome to the carriers of the goldern torch for 2013. It takes a lot of work to run our little organization, most of it goes unrecognised. We may no say it enough, but thanks for being there. I am very proud to be a little part of somthing that has nurtured and has overgrown.


Thanks to all.


Cheers Roy

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Congratulations Rick and Jim,I know that with guidance both of you will do a great job. It is nice to see some younger blood getting involved with the exec. From down south where the temp is in the low 70s and the golfing is good. See you all mid April

Brian D

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