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Quickest Route To Seminar?


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I'm coming in from the west end early Saturday morning and would like some advice on the quickest route to Grant McEwan University and the best place to park? Thanks in advance.

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John I think the most likely route would come right down Yellow head to 109ST turn south come right down to 104 ave turn east come down to 106st and turn north then first ave(105) turn west then follow until you see underground parking come in there once in turn east come right down to the end of parkade that should be it. Take elevator to 2nd floor.


That should get you there


Hope to see you there.


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Dennis is mostly right except you cannot turn south off the Yellowhead at 109 street (the airport is in the way)

Revised directions follow:

Take the Yellowhead (highway 16) east to St Albert Trail - turn right (south) onto St Albert Trail

Continue south past 118 avenue (where the St Albert Trail becomes Groat Road) to just past Westmount Mall (111 avenue)

Turn left (east) at 111 avenue and continue east to 109 Street (There's an Esso station on your left at the intersection)

Turn right onto 109 street (south) and continue to 105 avenue (there's a lazer tag place on SE corner)

Turn left (east) onto 105 street and go about one block.

You'll see the underground parkade entrance on your right. Use the right hand entry door.

You'll pick up a parking ticket from the dispenser

which you can pay for at an indoor machine when you leave at the end of the day. (weekend parking is pretty cheap)

Once in the parkade turn left and go to the far (east) end of the parkade

Take the elvator to the 2nd floor and turn left on exit. The room is at the end of that hall.


Dave R

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