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Tuc - Mallard Point


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This was passed along from TUC marketing and communications:


TUC along with the Bow River Chapter are trying to win a $100,000 grant to support the Mallard Point Habitat Enhancement Project through Shell’s FuellingChange™ program. This program supports environmental projects and organizations as selected by voters. The Mallard Point project is one of seven water based projects eligible for the $100,000 grant. At this point we currently sit in sixth place. This is where we need your help.


Mallard Point is located at the north end of Calgary’s Fish Creek Provincial Park. In 1995, Trout Unlimited Canada improved flow into the side channel by removing materials that had accumulated in the mouth over time. However, the flood events of 2005 and 2007 deposited a substantial amount of gravel and debris back into the Mallard Point side channel. Today, our challenge is to stabilize annual flows into the Mallard Point side channel by re-designing the channel entrance to create a softer angle. This would allow more stable flows into the side channel year round, enabling it to function as it would naturally, benefitting the Bow River, its aquatic ecosystem and shoreline habitat for today and tomorrow.


We are asking that you please advise your chapter members, friends and colleagues to register and support the Mallard Point project. To vote, simply visit the FuellingChange™ website (www.fuellingchange.com) and select the ‘Register’ button located at the top right of the page. Upon registering you will receive 10 votes. If you visit any shell gas station your receipt can be registered to gather an additional 10 vote. Purchases can be made for anything, from gas to a chocolate bar. Voting closes April 30, 2013. I have also attached a QR code that you can scan with any smart phone to be taking directly to the Mallard Point project page along with a ‘Voting Tips’ document.


We have just learned that until January 4, 2013 Shell is running a promotion to help voting. If, after registering, you enter Bonus Code io9-Eob89 by January 4, 2013 you will receive an additional 100 Bonus Votes for FuellingChange™ which can be applied to the Mallard Point project.


For more information on the Mallard Point Habitat Enhancement project please visit the project page on the TUC website, http://www.tucanada.org/index.asp?p=2163 or contact me directly.


Thank you for your support and please don’t forget about the January 4, 2013 deadline for the additional 100 bonus votes. Thanks, Vote now to help us secure $100,000 for a habitat enhancement project along the Bow River! Find out more!


Phil Rowley, Marketing and Communications Trout Unlimited Canada

#160, 6712 Fisher St. SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 2A7

prowley@tucanada.org www.tucanada.org

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So the plan is to alter a natural side channel, which will "enable it to function as it would naturally." Make sense? Am I missing something? On a totally artificial fishery.


We shouldn't just blindly throw our support behind a cause, simply because it's fishing related. I think there are much more worthy causes in the running for this grant, and I'm glad to see that the majority of voters agree.

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No such thing as a natural area once a city has be built around, on over within a watershed. But that doesnt negate the fact that it would be a enhancement program for what is there. At the end of the day if the fish will benefit from it, then so be it. Thats not bad for a river system artificial or not. I have fished this region of the river many times over the past 4 decades. If it improves the system then go for it.

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I'm all for the project, and if you hand me a shovel I'll be one of the hardest workers. But $100,000 grants don't grow on trees, and adding a little bit more spawning habitat to the Bow doesn't compare to the education and outreach programs, pen-reared caribou, etc., in the sense of overall impact on conservation.

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