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Wapsi Is Being Dropped. Very Disappointing


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I am very disappointed that a particular retailer is dropping the Wapsi brand product according to they're purchasing department. It seems that they will be about 90% plus from one wholesaler when it come to flytying material and therefore will be like every other store in Edmonton. Almost a monopoly to one wholesaler in Edmonton really sucks for the consumer. What is the incentive for us/me to walk into their store when it is the same as everyone else around. Other than they have more floor space to dedicate to the sport. That certainly isn't looking after the end user very well here in Edmonton. This is bad, again for us flytyers in Edmonton. That is very unfortunate because it is by far the best priced for amount purchased and best quality product on their shelf. Looks like I will be forced into buying even more via the internet after all or from Calgary outlets that carry other product brands including Wapsi.


I hope others express there thoughts on this subject. Because, if a retailer is not told about your thoughts as a customer. How would you ever expect them to keep you as a client. Just be truthful and not hurtful.


I also hope that this makes it to the retailers purchasing department and upper management. I truly think this will push clients out. Yes they will still come by and visit, but I am sure overall flytying sales will drop. I have seen this before and more than once.

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