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Stauffer Beaver dam removal

Michael Dell

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Thanks to everyone who help with the beaver dam removal project on Stauffer Creek on Sunday July 18.


We removed 8 beaver dams from Stauffer Creek. Thanks to Chris "Rigpig" Larson, Bob "Cutty Bob" Opdenvelde, Bob, Les, Damon Park, Greg "Scratch" Scratchley, Jeff "Hepcat" Siebert, Mike "Doc" Monteith, Alex "Firefly", Brian "Canada Grey" Bleackley, David Parker, Alan Grombacher. Don Andersen and I coordinated the project.


Photos are online at: TUC Edmonton Projects


"Scratch" has some photos in his album, too:

Stauffer Creek (NRaven) beaver dam removal





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I'd like to say it was a blast :rangerbob: but it was hard work :flex:


Gave me great satisfaction to help out though and it was a great experience. This was my first and won't be my last. The fishing on the Raven wasn't so good though. Brian and I fished for about an hour and a half and packed it in. It was to dam hot! and we couldn't find any trout.


Looking forward to the Raven project. :clap:

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