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Norwalk Virus


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...everyone...just a heads up that this nasty little bug has invaded our work place through one of our supplier/salesperson during an office visit...at the time of his/her visit, they were unaware that they were infected...we just received notice this morning that this person has been diagnosed with the virus and there is a very high possibility of the virus still lingering in our work place (they say unlikely, but why take a chance)...


...cutting to the chase...because of this, I will be staying away from any meetings for a bit and avoid any contact with any of you until it is safe to do so... apparently, it takes about 12-24 hour for symptoms to show up...counting the days...


...talk to ya all later...

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Paul you take care. A couple stiff shots of Scotch & 5 Alive will scare about anything on this planet away.


Good luck buddy


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S


That just makes me cringe. I think I will stick with Scotch and Drambuie if I have to mix it.

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...as far as being ill with the virus, I believe I do not have it, just erring on the side of caution is all...


...here here...I 100% agree with you Gary...sticking with scotch and drambuie is far better...


...for now I will stay in touch via the forum...

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Since 5 Alive will overpower the taste of almost any Scotch, it stands to reason that the cheaper blended ones would likely be Dennis' choice.

Unless it's the only way he can stomach the taste of fine Islay single malts like Ardbeg (http://www.ardbeg.com/ardbeg/) and Laphroaig (http://www.laphroaig.com/).

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