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Introducing For The First Time Ever..!


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SNOWOLF's Sunday Tie and Lie!




Bring your tying gear and tie some flies and tell some lies (fish stories)

Don't forget your favourite tying beverage and a snack to share.

This is a family event so bring the wife or hubby, kids and pets..(don't forget poop bags)




Twin Parks Community League

20 Park Ridge Cres - Approximately 17st-63ave Edm



Sunday December 9th 12:00-16:00



Cost is $5 per person to help cover cost of the hall rental..


I look forward to seeing you all there.



Note: This is not an NLFT/TU event and all are welcome...!

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Here we go again....:)

The next SNOWOLF's Sunday tie and lie will be held on January 13/13. Noon till 4 pm. Come one come all. Remember its $5 at the door but if you just drop in for a half hour visit its free.

See you there..

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I'm planning to attend. Thanks for putting this together, SnoWolf.


Now...what are the chances that somebody could teach me how to make size 18 parachute adamses?





Not likely but I will try….haha.

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LOL Gary, I appreciate it.


Which materials shall I bring?




Bring the traditional stuff for the Adams and some white polypropolene. Thread 8/0 black. Beenichi 12/0 is better if you have it. Got hooks?. Bring some 12's as well. We will practise on a couple of those first.


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