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Beautiful Super Natural B.c. Wolf Cull


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Help Stop The B.C. WOLF Management Plan!

Phone Blitz NOVEMBER 29/30!!

Everyone who cares about having a sustainable future with wolves in B.C....

Phone, Fax, E-mail the below Ministers to voice your opinion on this urgent matter. We only have until Dec. 5th to have this management plan delayed or even better STOPPED!

Some comments you might want to point out:

The draft was created by wolf haters, livestock producers with no wolf advocates involved and no public input.

The Government has had this DRAFT in their hands for the past 16-24 months and has only made it public as of mid-November.

This is our only chance to speak out against this one sided plan.

Hunting regulations will not change; this means no bag limits and no tag year around. People can hunt and trap not only adults but also puppies; even when the Alpha female has pups and is pregnant, this is the only animal that can be hunted during this time.

The plan states that the most ethical way to control wolf populations is to do aerial culls. (You might want to let them know that the evidence found by biologists in the Yukon Territory states otherwise and no longer use this practice.)

One of the main reasons to cull wolves is to save caribou. It is well documented by government biologists that the main cause of caribou decline is habitat loss. It is not predation by wolves. You can

cull (kill) every wolf in British Columbia and the Caribou will still disappear due to mismanagement of the environment.

Let the Minister of tourism know that you are going to encourage people not to visit the province of B.C. because of how they manage the best place on Earth. If you are from another country or province, let them know you won't be back if they pass this management plan which gives them an excuse to kill wolves.

This is just a little information to help you with your e-mail , fax or phone calls... It is important to let the three ministers and the Premier Christy Clark that you are not in favor of this Wolf Slaughter (management plan) in

Super Natural B.C.

Premier Christy Clark


Fax: 250-387-0087


Minister Of Environment: Terry Lake

Tel: 250-387-1187

Fax: 250-387-1356



Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources : Steve Thompson

Tel: 250-387-6240

Fax: 250-387-1040



Minister of Tourism: Pat Bell

Tel: 250-356-2771

Fax: 250-356-3000

e-mail: pat.bell.mla@leg.bc.ca

The only Big Bad wolf in this story are the people who work for our government!

Let's make a howl of a noise to make the Liberal leader know that this is not

their decision it is the people's and we do not want a wolf slaughter plan!

Phone! Fax! E-mail! Do all three keep their lines busy!!!

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